On the Unbeaten Path

Jacob’s Well- A Diver’s Death Wish


Most people have probably never heard of Jacob’s Well, a hidden nature preserve in Hill Country, TX.

And it’s not hard to see why.

With a .5 mile hike to the actual well itself and a final walk through untamed brush, loose hanging tree limbs, and copious rocks before opening up to a swimming hole, this place is somewhat of an anomaly.

Once in, people can be seen jumping from cliff overhangs into the 13 ft wide opening and a depth of which appears to be an endless pool of water. It is always surprising to see a jumper surface- as the lively well looks like it could suck any luckless jumper into it without a moment’s notice. Not to mention, the jagged edges of the rocks makes you wonder if someone has seriously hurt themselves from a mis-jump or an accidental slip.


And if jumping into the well doesn’t stir up all of your fears, going down in a scuba tank will.

With a reputation as a daredevil’s paradise, it’s not surprising Jacob’s Well has enticed not only your average renegade, but scuba divers too. Listed as one of the most dangerous scuba dives in the entire WORLD, diving this well is not for the faint of heart. And could also get you killed.

If you hit the bottom you will see a sign that says:

The well is home to at least 4 caves (most likely more- they just have not been discovered yet) and it is not out of the ordinary for a diver to have to remove his tank to get through any four of the narrow openings. Scuba divers also test their luck with silt causing disorientation, tight spaces, the risk of nitrogen poison, and the most dangerous- running out of air. Those who have made it out alive comment on the difficulty of orientating themselves and even with the proper scuba training and years of cave diving experience, still feel ill prepared to take this dive of faith. And according to statistics, about 8 or 9 divers have met their demise here.

As a recent scuba diver, old resident of Austin, TX, and past and future visitor to Jacob’s Well, it’s no small wonder the well continues to be an alluring place for divers and risk takers alike.

You must make reservations in advance as only a certain number of people are let in at a time.

Enter at your own peril.

For more information on Jacob’s Well, check out this story: The Mystery and Danger of Jacob’s Well


“There is safety in the very heart of danger.” – Vincent Van Gogh







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