We’re Going to Saskatoon

Don’t let the picture of a desolate prairieland fool you. Saskatoon is so much more.

It all begins with a humorous anecdote from childhood. A visit to Seattle was never complete without my dad telling me we would be going to Saskatoon after. I was mortified each time because the name sounded like something out of a horror film. I imagined Saskatoon to be a place of barren wasteland, icy, and uninhabited except for the occasional white walker. Eventually, when I was older I made peace with it not being a real place- my dad never followed through with his plans to go to Saskatoon, so it became a fictional place of the past for quite some time.

That is, until I did some research and found out Saskatoon does exist. Saskatoon is in Canada in the province of Saskatchewan and is actually a place that is mainly well known for its jazz festival held during two weekends of June and July every year.

Without further ado, here are some Saskatoon points of interest. Known for its laid back vibes and music, you won’t want to leave this one off your bucket list!

Antelope Lake Regional Park– A park with a golf course, horseshoe pits, volleyball nets, water sports, and whatever else you could want or expect from a park.

Enchanted Forest– Open in November through January, Enchanted Forest is one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions. And how could it not be? With more lights than you ever thought possible, it’s no wonder the forest draws a crowd.

Wanuskewin Park– A site of history dating back to over 6,000 years ago, Wanuskewin is mainly known as an archaeological dig site. Indigenous peoples of the Northern Plains used to roam with bison and it’s thought the first settlers arrived in the early 1900s.

Saskatoon Farmer’s Market– Open year round, everything sold here is locally grown. It looks like Saturday is a popular time, so stop by early to grab some goods.

Blackstrap Provincial Park– The park is known for its geographical uniqueness as it is 45 meters above the surrounding prairies. A place of swimming, camping, and fishing, Blackstrap is a great place for summer fun.

Saskatoon’s Jazz Festival– Click on link for more information.

“There is excitement in thinking one place is one thing and finding out it’s something entirely different.”– Me

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