Finding Weirdness in Nevada

Besides the Vegas strip, Nevada has remained a relatively unknown entity to me. And though my trip to Death Valley didn’t allow for massive exploration of Nevada, there was still a lot to see in the towns of Vegas, Pahrump, Rhyolite, and Beatty. From quirky coffee shops to brothel museums and outdoor art, there’s not much in the way of normal. Normalcy is overrated anyway.

Madhouse Coffee shop in Las Vegas was the first stop in my journey to Death Valley. A sucker for coffee places with cool bathroom wall art, this was no exception. What does any of it mean? I have no idea.


And on my way to pick up my friend from the airport, I stopped at Grouchy John’s- another café in Vegas with cool restroom art and a Star Wars theme.



Now, if quirky coffee shops or the people at the Las Vegas airport don’t strike you as completely bizarre, the town of Pahrump, Nevada may. Passing multiple casinos (no surprise) on my way to Death Valley, I notice a sign for a brothel art museum. I’m curious of course, but as it’s nearing midnight and I’m alone, I don’t dare stray off the main road. Though the least of my worries, it’s probably not open either. Noted. Stop on the way back to Vegas. (Unfortunately, we got off to a late start on our last day and were not able to catch this attraction, but I think the sign speaks for itself.)

From further research post adventurous weekend trip to Death Valley, it looks like there are indeed two other brothels (probably not museums) in this area.


Most of our time was spent in Inyo, California. But, nearing the end of the first day, we headed towards Nevada once again, this time hitting Rhyolite and Beatty.

Rhyolite is a ghost town with cool art and crumbling, desolate buildings. I would assume vampires come out at dusk and then disappear come dawn, but we left before any of this happened. How do we always manage to extricate ourselves from extreme danger?











After our time in Rhyolite, we headed to Atomic Inn in Beatty. We checked in and went to dinner at KC’s Outpost Eatery and Saloon- more or a less a dive bar. This is where we were approached by  “Disco” the biker. He tried to coerce us into partying with him and his fellow bikers at StageCoach Hotel and Casino (a few blocks down the street). If it had been the afternoon, I’m sure we would have let him take us on a motorcycle ride, but it was approaching 10:00 PM, we were tired, and we don’t party.


Do ghost towns and outdoor art appeal to your adventurous heart? Have you heard of a brothel museum? Are vampires real?  How would you respond to Disco, the biker?

In a white room with black curtains
Near the stations black roof country
No gold pavements tired starlings
Silver horses ran down moonbeams

In your dark eyes dawn-light smiled
On you leaving my contentment
I’ll wait in this place where the sun never shines
Wait in this place were the shadows run from themselves

-Cream, White Room




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