Play Mozart for Me

See what I did. I took the movie title “Play Misty for Me” and changed it to relate to my blog post. Clever.

Except this post is mostly happy, the movie is not…unless you’re into stalkers. In which  case I regret to inform you are reading the wrong post.

Upon my initial arrival in Salzburg, Austria, all I saw were castles. Unsurprisingly, it surprised me when I saw people similar to myself living here- not Disney characters as I had so wrongly presumed.



Salzburg should be called Mozart because the city is more or less a shrine to Mozart. This makes sense because what city wouldn’t want to dedicate its soul to a musical genius? Here is some brief Mozart history in case you’re wondering: he lived here and wrote music. Now that that’s out of the way, Salzburg is also home to several scenes from The Sound of Music (see hop on, hop off sightseeing tour information below).

Additional information regarding Salzburg: it (fittingly) hosts many classical symphonies. In case you would like a more reputable source, here is a link: Classical Music Events- Salzburg, Austria

While we were here we perused the Salzburg Museum, Mozart’s House, and Mozart Statue- all good sights to see if you don’t have a ton of time to spare- especially the Salzburg Museum. There is a $12 entry fee, but it is worth the price to see the art displays. The other attractions, Mozart’s House and the Mozart Statue, are great spots for taking pictures.

Speaking of stops and my brief mention of them above, we did do the bus sightseeing hop on/hop off tour. The cost of the tour is approximately 20 Euro’s. Here is a link to all of the stops in the sightseeing tour: Sightseeing Tour- Hop On, Hop Off- Salzburg, Austria

This is the best option if you’re only there for a day. The only issue is the buses come around every 30 minutes. If you miss one by a minute or so, you’re left waiting for a while.

We traversed Salzburg in mid-September when the weather was mid-50’s and on a rainy day. Unfortunately, I only have control over these external factors sometimes. But don’t worry, I’m working out an agreement with God.


The only sketchy part about our trip was the train ride back to Munich. It was dark and we made numerous stops, taking much longer than expected. The most likely scenario to explain this trivial phenomenon is that a ghost came aboard and try as he may to remain incognito, was discovered by the conductor (a ghost buster in disguise) and thus, thrown off at every stop.

But the ghost, transparent as he was, made it back on and it turned into a reoccurring cycle of hop on, hop off- much like our time in Salzburg except for, well, the ghost. He probably went by the name of Casper, but was not so friendly as he enjoyed bothering the conductor-turned-ghost-buster. (No wonder he wasn’t wanted on board.)

I later found out my hypothetical scenario was wrong, which tends to happen quite often. We actually missed our train and ended up on the ghost train instead.

No one was hurt.

On a side note, Kyle almost married the Mozart cutout. As you can tell, they seemed to really hit it off. What happens in Salzburg stays in Salzburg, except it doesn’t. That stuff will haunt you forever.


Don’t worry, I’ll probably post more on this magical place later in the year when I return to Austria. Or, I won’t.

“When I am traveling in a carriage, or walking after a good meal, or during the night when I cannot sleep; it is on such occasions that ideas flow best and most abundantly.” -Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



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